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Pasta della Casa – Fresh Home-made Italian Pasta

Pasta della Casa specializes in traditional home-made pasta. Moshe Barel brought the vision of fresh pasta to Israel back in 1988, offering various products based on authentic and original recipes.

Our family-run business produces over 200 different products, all made of high-quality natural ingredients: fettuccine, tagliatelle, spaghetti, tortellini, gnocchi, ravioli with various fillings, sauces, focaccia, pies, and other delicious goods.

Our products can be found in our stores and at the finest restaurants and delicatessens across the country.

Following Italian tradition, our pasta is made every day and can be refrigerated or frozen for up to six months. We use the best-sourced ingredients: Durum flour and tomatoes from Italy, fresh eggs, and the finest cheeses in the world. Add some imagination, inspiration, and lots of love, and you get premium quality Pasta Della Casa.

All of our products are Kosher.


4 Derech Afek St., Kfar Saba. Tel: 09-7430552
55 Ussishkin St., Ramat Hashron. Tel: 03-5474893
Email: info@pastadellacasa.com
Moshe Barel
Moshe Barel.
Pasta Della Casa factory in Kfar Saba
Pasta Della Casa factory in Kfar Saba, Israel.
Fettuccine pasta
Fettuccine pasta.